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Success Stories

As a small business operator that was merely surviving, I truly didn’t appreciate the number of tasks that I had been neglecting to do to make my business work for me. But Sam allowed me to look at my business through somebody else’s eyes. Sam paid for his services first month in, and I haven’t looked back since. Try him, you just might like it and like me learn something about your business and yourself.

Greg Gilboy

Gilboy Hydraulic Soloutions

I would recommend Sam to anyone who is serious in business, big or small. We have been working with Sam on our business for just over a year. In that time our monthly profit is now equal to what we used to achieve in turnover when we first started. Our turnover has more than doubled and our profits have tripled! And I have employed two new team members to assist with the growth of the business. My family has also enjoyed our success with a two week holiday in Phuket this year, my first real holiday in years. We look forward to more benefits of coaching in the future as a direct result of what we have planned for our business.

Peter Harben

Queensland Air Compressors

When Sam first made contact with me I was very sceptical as I’ve had unsuccessful dealings with other business coaches

before. After meeting with Sam I soon realised he was very serious about the success of my company and my wellbeing.

Since I started coaching with Sam I’ve discovered he’s a ‘no frills’ kind of guy who has the guts to tell me the truth in every situation we work through. Sam has enabled our company to find our vision, which gives my staff and I confidence in the market place. He has also given me the training to really grow our company; and it continues to grow in profit each year in the toughest economic time I have ever seen. I am also on track to achieve my personal goals which includes being home while it is still light to spend quality time with my family.

Ross Nucifora

RSC Diesels 

I thought I was running a reasonably successful business (and didn’t really need a coach) but I was eager to learn new things that would give me an edge. Sam was referred by two friends who run successful businesses.  Sam has helped me think strategically – i.e. to think about what and why we do what we do in business – vision, mission etc.  He is a great “sounding board” and helped me filter out the “crap” ideas. Sam has helped me focus on building a great work culture which aligns with my values and each quarter we do a report which gives both my wife and I peace of mind. I enjoy working with Sam and would recommend his services if you are ready to learn new things.

Rodney Byl

Astute Building Certification